Star Wars Battlefront 3 Planet Tatooine Location Confirmed

The frozen planet of Hoth and the forests of Endor have been confirmed to appear in the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront from EA DICE. These locations will be accompanied by the appropriate vehicles, as per the Star Wars series of films. There’s the Snow Speeder, the AT-AT, and the regular Speeder. 

In addition to these two iconic locations, it looks like we'll be seeing the desert world of Tatooine as a battleground. A developer at DICE, Daniel Cambrand (@TearGasJazz) posted a link to a Swedish interview with DICE man Patrick Bach that revealed a location that the company’s designers had visited for photographing and mapping purposes that wasn’t previously shown or mentioned in earlier previews of the game—and that is Tatooine.

Here’s what the Google Translator yielded from the preview:

“This loyalty has taken the form of the team travelling to the environments in which the films were made. The planet Hoth (Norway), the planet Endor (the California redwood forests), the planet Tatooine (Tunisia’s desert). Everything to make the games graphical representation of the worlds as authentic as possible.” 

With any luck, we’ll see some new vehicles like Jabba’s barge in Tatooine. 

You can find out further details about the upcoming game in this video from the Battlefront News channel on YouTube: