GTA 5 Zombies DLC; Leaked Single Player DLC Details Surface

We have some more rumors regarding upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5 single player DLC, with hints that it could be exclusive to Playstation 4.

We cannot verify if this is the same source that claimed PS4 exclusivity awhile back, or if it’s independent, but either way, I think you should continue to take those rumors with a grain of salt. As we have seen play out in the past few months, PS4 exclusivity has often meant time exclusivity, so it might not really be exclusive.

So, this source reconfirms the casino DLC, with more than one casino, three minigames, 12 new assassination missions, new IAA missions, new Trevor missions, etc.

You already know the casino game names, but there are new names for the assassin missions too. Source code reveals they come under the headings assassin_skydive and assassin_cablecar, and more might be leaked in the future as well.

Finally, here's the real stinkbomb. Somewhere in the middle of that code is this string: main_ZMB

So, could ZMB be referring to zombies? That will definitely break up Grand Theft Auto 5's single player, and of course it makes one wonder if it could possibly be coming to Grand Theft Auto Online as well.

What this may be is content that was cut prior to the original game’s release, presumably because Rockstar did not have enough time to bring it to the single player campaign, where it was meant to be added to. Of course, their attention may have also been divided by working on Grand Theft Auto Online.

As usual, you can bet Rockstar is aware of the leaks, but will not be commenting on any of it until they want to. One can only hope  official word is coming sooner rather than later.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming Q3 or Q4 to Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.