Did You Notice This Small Detail In Resident Evil Village?

There is a massive fan base when it comes to the Resident Evil IP. This game series started back on the original PlayStation and since then it continues to be a staple franchise for survival horror games. We’ve seen new mainline installments, spinoffs, to even blockbuster movies released for the Resident Evil franchise. We’re now at the point where more remakes are coming out to give veteran fans a chance to relive their favorite video games with modern touches while also allowing newcomers something to try out as well.

With that said, Capcom has handled the IP for the video games and the development team is making sure that they keep things as detailed as possible. One of the latest mainline installments to hit the marketplace is Resident Evil Village which takes players back into the role of Ethan Winters who gets his world turned upside down once again after the events of Resident Evil 7. However, Ethan is not going down without a fight and he sets off to find out what’s going on despite the odds not going in his favor.

While players are venturing through several boss lairs where they’ll explore, solve puzzles, and eventually face the enemy boss, there is one character that fans became fascinated with and it’s Lady Dimitrescu. This giant character is not only sophisticated but she keeps to a routine. Players discovered that while she is tall, the developers made note of how living in this home as a woman of her stature would affect the actual castle lair. 

New details are surfacing online of how Lady Dimitrescu frequents the dungeon of her castle and every three steps leading to the dungeon is a bit more worn down. This is because Lady Dimitrescu generally only walks down the flight of stairs by hitting every third step in her stride. It’s pretty interesting to see developers make note of the smallest little aspects of their in-game world. Did you catch this detail when you went through the gameplay initially? 

Source: Gamerant, Tiktok