Batman Arkham Knight: Batman Face Evolution & What Is Operation Savior?

The official Batman Arkham page has been updated with new information on the story premise of Batman Arkham Knight.

In the initial post, we see the Arkham Knight set in picture, as he gives the order to his personal army to start ‘Operation Savior’. The operation intends to lock down the city, and in the Knight’s not-so-subtle wording, place Gotham’s throat in the army’s figurative hands within an hour.

So, given we have a general idea of how big the Arkham Knight world is, this gives us a rough, but tangible idea of how big and capable the Knight’s army is. It should serve as a formidable challenge to Bruce, or should I say, to you playing as Bruce.

It also opens up interesting possibilities. We may know that Scarecrow is working with the Knight, but we still don’t know to what extent that agreement goes, or the finer details. Did Scarecrow and the other recruited Batman villains give up their own control of the city for the Knight to walk all over it? Or was this something Knight had planned without the knowledge or cooperation of the other bad guys? Is the Knight discreetly entering the city to get a cut in on the mobster business – or, is he possibly one of them, using this as a way to take total control?

Whatever the case, we know the Gotham City Police Department hasn’t changed. In a follow up post, Commissioner Gordon clearly gives the cops the order to clear out and leave everything to the Caped Crusader. The bad guys have brought out their tanks, and the cops are literally not equipped to handle the situation. You could say this is a literal act of war. What now, Bruce?

Before we go, we want to give you guys a quick peek at Bruce from the first ever Batman: Arkham City ca 2009, compared to here and now, for Batman: Arkham Knight.

Batman: Arkham Knight is coming 2015 to Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.