Assassin’s Creed Unity: City, Mission, Skill Tree Details

We have a batch of new details regarding Assassin’s Creed Unity. It seems that Revolution-era Paris will have quite the open world.

First off, to give you a feel of Paris, Arno is entering the city at a point where things have already gone crazy. Any number of random events can happen, although Ubi has taken great pains to ensure each event fits in with the French Revolution setting. You can enter the city’s multiple levels, meaning not only rooftops, but catacombs and sewers, to find things to do and people to kill. Even the city’s most inhospitable areas will have something for you.

For example, you could be witness to a church robbery, and you can choose to stop them in their tracks. In another case, you could walk around to find an abandoned house, whos family members were stuck by the plague. If you can then find where each person in that family went to, you can earn a reward. Ubi will make sure each of these smaller stories happen in a district where it something like it did happen, and that they will each offer a small reward.

Regarding the official missions, you will only be working with the Assassin Order temporarily at the onset, giving you some leeway to explore the world and making you something of a free agent. There will be Paris Stories missions, which all have their own unique stories, but are not all necessarily Assassin related. These missions do all require you to find and assassinate a target.

In contrast, in the Murder Mystery missions you switch roles from perpetrator to detective, following the scene of a dead body to figure out whodunit. Hilariously enough, you’re not actually a cop, so succeeding in these missions means you get to use the evidence, AKA you can use the murder weapons.

Mission difficulty is rated from one to five stars. Ubi rated each mission based on how many people are best accomplished with more players. So, for example, a mission for two is easier if you have three players. You can try to solo a four player challenge, but good luck with that.

Finally, Unity is adding three new skill trees, for stealth, combat, and navigation. These are based on the game’s very pillars, and the addition is intended to make it easier for players to modify abilities to suit their style.

Assassin's Creed Unity is set for release on October 28th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.