H1Z1 Features Fire Arrows for Hunting Deer or Zombies (or Zombie Deer)

Further to Sony Online Entertainment's recent developer diary detailing bows and arrows and hunting options in H1Z1, SOE boss John Smedley has confirmed that players will be able to use fire arrows to hunt deer in the game and, presumably, the game's zombies. 

Of course, the game features undead wildlife it's quite probable the deer you set on fire will, in fact, be a zombie in which case you shouldn't feel too bad about killing Bambi's mother. It's also possible to have pets who may fall victim to the zombie virus.

During the developer diary, it was also stated that the team intends to introduce explosive arrows to the game which will likely allow for all kinds of living and undead killing antics. And as Ellie proved in Naughty Dog's The Last of Us, arrows can be a pretty effective deer and infected killing weapon. 

If you're more interested in the game's guns, you can find out more information on those here

H1Z1 is coming to PC and PlayStation 4.