Chivalry 2 Open Beta Begins This Month

If you were a fan of the original Chivalry title then chances are you’ve been watching this sequel installment very closely. This video game has been on plenty of anticipated video game release lists for 2020 which is what the developers had previously claimed would be the launch year for Chivalry 2. However, that wasn’t the case as the development studio Torn Banner Studios, had to delay the game out of the 2020 calendar release year entirely. 

It’s not surprising to see that happen either given that the entire world went through a pandemic with markets around the world still trying to get their grasp on the situation. Development studios were constantly shifting around their release plans as employees transitioned from working at the offices to working from their home. With that said, this is a game we’re sure will have plenty of fans eagerly diving into when it launches later this year.

We now know when we can expect the open beta to begin. Starting on May 27, 2021, players can expect Chivalry 2 to offer an open beta for players to try the game out. This will offer a chance for players to give the game a try for themselves before it releases into the market. Furthermore, it looks like the open-beta will support the crossplay feature so every platform can join in on the fun where you’ll attempt to overthrow the opposing faction on the battlefield.

While the developers have been trying to bring out big cinematic-style battles, players will have the ultimate say on just where this game stacks up not only from the first installment but the opposing competitor games as well such as For Honor or Mordhau. Currently, Chivalry 2 is set to launch into the marketplace on June 8, 2021, but again those that are interested in trying the title out will get a chance to dive into the open-beta starting later on this month.

Source: PC Gamer