The Sims 4: Emotions and Neighborhoods Detailed; No Toddlers or Pools

The developers of The Sims 4 at EA Games have published a new blog on the upcoming title that talks a great deal about the weird moments that happen in the game, neighborhoods, and the ability to control your Sims’ emotions. 

While the blog doesn’t detail exactly how you’ll control your Sims’ emotions, it notes that you’ll be able to select different levels of autonomy for your Sims so you get the level of control that you’re most comfortable with. 

“And rest assured, we’re doing an absolutely massive amount of tuning to make sure emotion gameplay enhances the experience for you storytellers and machinima artists, rather than creating a new obstacle,” writes Sim Guru Ryan on the blog.

In addition to talking about features we already know about, like the game’s powerful build and Create A Sim modes (which allows you to create babies, teens, young adults, adults, and elders), the blog goes on to state that Neighborhoods will be in the game for the first time in the series.

“We also have beautiful Neighborhoods! Did you know that for the first time ever in The Sims, your Sims will be able to not only travel between Neighborhoods, but also between entire Worlds without having to start a new game!? This is something that I always wanted in The Sims 3, and I’m so excited to finally have it in The Sims 4. Neighborhoods and Worlds will be separated by a short load screen, but for the first time you’ll be able to live in one world and work (or play) in another! All of your Sim’s personality, accomplishments, and relationships stay with them as they travel around the best play-space we’ve ever created in a The Sims game.”

Unfortunately, the addition of all these new features also means that they had to leave a couple of things out: namely toddlers and pools. Toddlers, which are aged in-between babies and children, will be absent from the game.

“And though pool building won’t be available in September, we do have a new Fountain Tool so you can create sophisticated landscapes. Whether you were a novice builder in The Sims 3, or an experienced pro, I really think you’re going to love The Sims 4’s build mode.”
“And while we recognize that some of you will be disappointed that pools and toddlers won’t be available when The Sims 4 Base Game launches in September, you should know that we’re building an incredibly strong foundation that is capable of fulfilling every one of your desires in the years to come. The future of is bright!”

Game developer Graham Nardone confirmed over Twitter that the two features will be absent from the game because they didn’t want to combine babies and toddlers, which are distinctly different.