Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Hidden Messages In The Leaked E3 Trailer

We have spoiler information on the leaked Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain E3 2014 trailer. Without further ado, we’re narrating the contents of said trailer below:

It starts with Big Boss covered in blood walking across a battlefield littered with corpses, smoke, soot and a burned out tank. A buzzard is already eating off one of the corpses and flies off as Boss passes by,

Kaz and Big Boss are shown next in a funeral ceremony for the Diamond Dogs, with some bodies set on fire. There are also some caskets around the scene with the Diamond Dogs logo on them.

There appears to be another funeral ceremony around Mother Base, this time with the dead placed in urns. Big Boss takes ashes from an urn and puts them all over his face. This one looks like it came from a member of the MSF. As we get a close look at Boss’ face, we get an abrumpt jump cut to t the same shot, this time with Boss’ face covered in blood.

The scene then cuts again, to Boss apparently aiming at someone approaching him, then hesitating and putting the gun down. Once again we get an abrupt cut, this time to Kaz supervising a shooting drill.

More cuts again, with Boss talking to someone (Kaz?) in front of a refinery or military base, and another cut again, to Boss putting a bag down Huey’s head.

We see one scene where two Diamond Dogs are roughing it up, apparently just for fun, and then back to Huey, this time with Big Boss injecting him with something that seems to hurt.

The child soldier we’ve seen in earlier previews reappears. Another soldier, apparently Kaz, strikes him with a cane, prompting him to take a rifle out and aim it at him. We go back to the scene of the two Diamond Dogs fighting, seemingly taking a serious turn as one of them pulls out a small knife.

Eli gets a scene in, putting Boss in place with a chair and then attempting to take him with a knife. This then cuts to a similar scene, this time with Boss successfully deflecting a Diamond Dog soldier by grasping his attacking arm with a wrist. It appears that Boss has the soldier at his mercy, even as other Diamond Dogs surround it. We go back to Eli and Boss, and this time it appears Boss takes the boy soldier down with a judo throw and… strikes him down with a knife?

This one scene is one of the harshest in the whole trailer, by implication.  While Boss strikes the knife down, however, Eli is offscreen so we don’t know that this is what actually happens.

Cut to another scene of Kaz talking to Boss, both slightly injured, while onboard a helicopter.  This cuts to a scene of a bound and gagged soldier, apparently Quiet, who gets dunked into a water well, even as she continues to resist. Another cut, this time to Kaz being taken to a stretcher, as his conversation with Boss ends.

In another scene, we see Quiet in action, seemingly capable of jumping over soldier’s heads, before she takes down and guts a soldier. In another cut, we finally see what Boss was looking at when he lowered his guard; another soldier with Boss in his sights, while both are on helicopters. This soldier seems to be a Diamond Dog.

In another scene, Boss is in front of an anonymous soldier, and he takes his knife out, presumably to end the poor fella’s suffering. And then, just before we see the game titles, we cut back to Boss, bloodied face back in the burned out battlefield, leaning out and screaming Platoon style.

However, this is not the end. We cut to another scene of Boss, face covered in ashes, as he is talked to by Kaz and possibly a pre-scarred Skull Face. Finally, we see Boss and Skull Face riding a jeep, making their way to and stopping in front of a Metal Gear.

Interesting stuff right? If you’re hungry for more information here and now, you can check out fan translations of their dialogue, see screencaps of the trailer below, and watch the trailer itself here. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One.