Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Iron Bull, Sera & Winners Of “Take Your Place” Announced

We have a mess of assorted details on Dragon Age 3: Inquisition below.

1st off, as you can see in the image above, Bioware has confirmed that Inquisition party members Iron Bull and Sera will be shown in this year’s E3 presentation.

In comparison to other Qunari companions before, Iron Bull is a mercenary. Presumably, they want him to not have too heavy a connection with the protagonist, just someone big and strong to follow him around.

If we’re looking for possible close connections, Sera might be more what you’re looking for. She is described by Bioware as the Wildcard, and is an Elven Archer, and that’s the extent of what we know about her for sure. Her quote above indicates a possible ruthlessness in this archer, and so she may be more prominent in combat than one would usually assume from appearances.

Finally, Bioware has unveiled the winners of the "Take Your Place" Contest. Congratulations to Rosie Bucknell and Steven Kelly for joining the game’s voice cast.

"Take Your Place" was an opportunity for fans to become a part of the game, simply by recording and sending some cold reads of Dragon Age dialogue to Bioware. For good or bad, Bioware found a lot of capable voice talent sent entries, and so it took them longer than they should have to decide. Truthfully, Rosie and Steven won out of a random draw. If it makes everyone else feel better, obviously, Bioware is saying a large pool of their fans could have won.

We’ll make sure to share the latest Dragon Age 3: Inquisition news as it comes out. Dragon Age 3: Inquisition is coming October 7 to Windows, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox One.