This Watch Dogs Glitch Is Beyond Crazy: Cop Car Rides The Train

Well, we found some Watch Dogs footage that simply takes the cake. Just go ahead and check it out.

OK, for the benefit of people who can’t see this gif for whatever reason, it shows Aiden making his way forward on a train, presumably in pursuit of someone, only to be interrupted by a car getting in the way.

Like a police car, in the middle of the train. It doesn’t seem like some act of Godzilla threw the car in it either, it’s just randomly stuck inside one of the train cars.

Maybe this is just one of those glitchy things that happens when you make a game on the scope of Watch Dogs, but now that it was found, we wonder if Ubisoft will patch things up – or leave it alone for fans to have fun with it.

Watch Dogs is coming May 27 to Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.