Xbox Series X Mini Fridges Will Soon Be a Real Thing You Can Buy

Credit: Xbox

In a stunning instance of taking a joke to its natural conclusion, Xbox is going to start making mini-fridges shaped like the Xbox Series X. No, this apparently isn’t an April Fools’ joke, although that was my first thought, too. Thanks to a publicity stunt on Twitter and a lot of user interest, Microsoft is going to be making and distributing these console-shaped fridges (or, more accurately, bigger versions of its fridge-shaped consoles).

The whole thing started when Twitter’s official marketing account ran a contest pitting brands against each other, with each one promising users something if they won the polls. Xbox won the poll over Skittles — which had promised to bring lime Skittles — but only by a very narrow margin. So I think it’s safe to say we will soon see these things in dorm rooms and gamer caves across the globe soon.

These wouldn’t be the first fridges Xbox had made in service to the meme. Originally it made full-sized Series X fridges ahead of launch as a publicity stunt. One went to Snoop Dogg, and another went to iJustine. The company later made mini-fridges in collaboration with the energy drink brand ZOA. In both cases the company did not release the fridges for regular sale, offering them only as prizes or to certain individuals.

If the follow-up tweets are to be believed, Microsoft will now be making these fridges for the general public to buy. There’s no word on how many they’ll make, but I won’t lie: I kind of want one. According to Xbox’s GM of Marketing, Aaron Greenberg, the first fridge will be loaded with games and sent to “our friends [at Skittles] of course” and I honestly can’t tell if that’s Xbox being a good winner or flexing on the silver medalists.

Source: Twitter