Tekken 7 Adds The (Fictional) PM Of Poland To Its Roster

Bandai Namco recently teased the latest fighter to join the roster of Tekken 7, and over the weekend released her profile in full: Her name is Lidia Sobieska, and she’s not just a seasoned fighter — she’s also the recently elected Prime Minister of Poland. She’s rolling out, along with a new stage, on March 23.

Her profile from Bandai Namco reads: “Lidia has always been an upright and resolute woman. She believes that justice requires absolute power, which is why she has shown great interest in karate from a very young age. The loss of her father stoked her interest in the family tradition of politics. Lidia showed great qualities in both areas, entering and winning her first karate world championship at 18, and more recently being one of the youngest rising stars in the Polish political arena. The war started by the Mishima Zaibatsu is greatly affecting Poland and she is committed to settle the situation with her own fists.”

Naturally, Lidia’s not the only head of state to throw down in a game — one wonders what her fists are accomplishing that her being a major world leader could not. But then again the Mishima Zaibatsu fight with devilish genes, so perhaps this is the only way Lidia could take them down without sacrificing a chunk of Poland’s military. If the above trailer — in which she wipes the floor with Bryan, Dragunov, and Miguel at the same time — is anything to go by, Lidia is definitely capable of repping her country in the King of Iron Fist tournament.

Alongside Lidia, Tekken 7 players will also get the Island Paradise stage. Lidia is the second DLC character released during Season 4, after the ninja Kunimitsu the Second. Patch notes released by Bandai Namco indicate there will be a few balance adjustments and other tweaks released alongside Lidia.

Source: Bandai Namco