Resident Evil Anniversary Showcase Coming In April

Credit: Capcom

Capcom today announced it’s the beginning of the Resident Evil Anniversary celebrations. One of the ways it’s celebrating is to have a showcase sometime in April, where we may get an update on what comes next for the series. We don’t have a date, nor do we have any idea what’s going to be in the showcase, but given the Resident Evil series is poised to be very active in the next few years, the possibilities are exciting.

The announcement, from Capcom community manager Kellen Haney, reads that it won’t spoil any surprises, leaving us to speculate what might be in the showcase. Options range from a remake of one of the non-numbered titles in the series, like Resident Evil: Code Veronica, or maybe the Resident Evil 4 remake that’s been rumored about for quite some time; to remasters of the Revelations games or maybe even footage from one of the upcoming non-game projects.

And there are lots of those projects in the works. For a 25-year-old franchise, Resident Evil is having quite a prolific year for adaptations. For starters, there’s the upcoming live-action film reboot, Welcome to Raccoon City, which adapts the first two games in the series. We also have an animated series coming to Netflix called Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, which sees the return of both Claire and Leon (as well as their RE2: Remake voice actors). There’s also the live-action series starring Wesker’s children, the one we know the least about thus far.

The announcement also gives a few updates on projects we already know about. The Resident Evil Re:Verse will have an open beta on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam from April 7-11. Both Resident Evil: Village and Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition will be coming to Stadia — RE7 on April 1, and Village on May 7.

Source: Capcom-Unity