Sony Computer Entertainment First Office Location Was Based Around Alcohol

Sony is a big name in the video game industry. After their successful launch with the PlayStation console, this company has continued to thrive with new console releases along with a slew of video game software to keep players eagerly diving into their line of launches going forward. However, when it comes to the history of Sony, we’re finding out what was a major selling point for their first office space when it came to their Sony Computer Entertainment division.

The big seller for one office space was simply because several bars around the area were open after the workday. This was something that Sony’s Ken Kutaragi the former CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment made note of during a video upload on Katsuhiro Harada’s show from Bandai Namco.

Ken made note of wanting an office location that was near bars that allowed the team to go out for a drink afterward. Likewise, it was a means to connect with other companies as the employees could go out for a drink. It’s certainly an interesting story and perhaps a means to keep employees happy to gather together after work to enjoy a drink.

We’re sure there were probably some other factors to the offices and the location requirements before the company signed into an agreement, but I guess bars were pretty crucial as well. With that said, those of you who are interested can find more neat history lessons from the early years of Sony Computer Entertainment with Ken along with another range of topics in the video embedded below. While the audio is in Japanese, there are English subtitles featured in the video. 

Source: Kotaku, YouTube