Nintendo 3DS Repair Services Ends Early In Japan

Nintendo has dominated the video game industry. It’s become a behemoth of a company and a staple for so many iconic video game console platforms and video game titles. While the company has come a long way since its initial video game console launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System, it’s also a leading video game company for gamers on-the-go. 

For decades now the company that delivered the likes of the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii, and so on, had delivered portable handhelds as well. The Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advanced, along the DS lineup were all great sellers. Players could take some of their favorite video game IPs with them during their travels. Meanwhile, the support for these platforms was rather great, Nintendo kept them alive and running for years on end not to mention a slew of video game titles.

One of the latest portable handheld devices from Nintendo was the Nintendo 3DS lineup. It offered a 3D-like effect to a screen giving players a sense of depth within the game. While it was doing incredibly well, it was eventually succeeded by Nintendo’s hybrid console release. The Nintendo Switch was a device that could be enjoyed both as a traditional home console along with taken as a portable device. This game console didn’t take long before the Nintendo 3DS was officially discontinued.

Fortunately, those that had a 3DS could still get necessary repairs from Nintendo if they were required. However, those have come to an end with Japan being one of the markets to offer that service for the remainder of this month. That has now suddenly come to an early stop as well since Nintendo has found it difficult to find parts required to make the handheld devices repairs. For now, it looks like Japanese consumers will also need to seek out third-party companies to make repairs if their Nintendo 3DS suddenly becomes faulty. 

Source: VGC