Resident Evil Movie Poster Revealed By Actor Chad Rook

The Resident Evil franchise has been going strong since its initial launch on the original PlayStation. Since then we’ve seen countless video game titles from mainline installments to a slew of spin-off games. With that said, there’s also the iconic blockbuster film franchise that further gave viewers a slight adaptation to the Resident Evil IP. Over the years we’ve seen several of these movies released into the market but it was only recently that the series concluded.

Now the original blockbuster film franchise was pretty loosely based on the Resident Evil franchise. It was more or less a slight adaptation of the video games. We had some familiar characters get featured but the overall plot was different along with a unique protagonist character leading this series. Despite that, the films continued to do well by bringing in a profit which had enough push to get more movie installments out into the market.

Now years later we are getting another adaptation of the Resident Evil IP. However, unlike the original adaptation, this movie will be based closely to the video game series. With that said, we’re still waiting on the official trailer to drop to give players a look at the film to see how the director handled this new take of the films.

Still, we do have a new supposed poster for Resident Evil. It looks like we are getting a forest shot, much like how the landscape was with the first video game before heading into the iconic mansion. We also have several names featured from the video game franchise such as Albert Wesker, Chris Redfield, and Jill Valentine. This poster doesn’t come from an official movie source outside of an actor from the movie, Chad Rook. For now, it looks like the movie is slated to hit the market on September 3, 2021. 

Source: Twitter