Take-Two President Says Their Remastered Editions Are Not Like Other Developers

We have seen several remastered editions along with remakes come out into the marketplace. It had turned into a trend for a good reason as well. These games are beloved and with the help of development studios, the IPs can get reworked for the latest generation of console platforms along with PC. It’s a win-win situation since the developers can further profit on an already established IP while veterans and newcomers can enjoy the game with a fresh coat of paint among other enhancements.

However, if you ask Take-Two Interactive’s president, Strauss Zelnick, they make some of the best-remastered editions available in the market right now. Recently, Strauss Zelnick was speaking at a Morgan Stanley event in which the topic of remastered editions came up. According to Strauss, Take-Two Interactive aims to bring out remastered editions that make use of the latest generation of hardware.

Instead of making a simple port, the studios would aim to deliver something that took advantage of the notable hardware upgrades. You could see that with the Mafia Definitive Edition remasters that brought some major overhauls to the game. This is a trend that Take-Two Interactive is looking to continue but we’re not sure just what video games are being worked on next outside of Grand Theft Auto V.

It was unveiled that Grand Theft Auto V was being brought out for the latest generation of platforms. After being around for three console generations now, it would be interesting to see just what Rockstar Games can do for the game for players. While we wait for that reveal to happen, we are also curious to see if Rockstar Games opts to bring out other past Grand Theft Auto video game remastered editions as well, but so far there’s no official word on that front.

Source: Gamespot