Microsoft Mesh Demo Uses Pokemon Go For Example

Microsoft is pushing for something truly out of this world. We have seen some big leaps in terms of VR. It went from gimmicky nonsense for the most part when it came to the end-user but as time went on, the VR technology became truly revolutionary. This is a big platform today with players having access to multiple different VR headsets where mostly they are used to enjoy entertainment content such as movies or playing a variety of video games. 

Now the next big move is to further revolutionize VR and make an AR-type of a system that feels like it’s something straight out of the movies. It’s new technology and something that’s been in the works for several years now, but Microsoft is striving forward with it. Known as Microsoft Mesh, this new VR system would allow consumers to sync up and feel like they are in the very same room. It’s something that could not only make video games quite a bit different but allow consumers to socially communicate in a new way.

The ideal is to allow consumers to use these VR headsets and transport an image of the users together in the same room. So through the lens of the VR system, you not only can see your room and area but also the other user as well. An example was shown during the presentation of Pokemon Go where two players could connect online and face each other. 

Meanwhile, the VR headset would allow players to feel like they are together rather than physically away. During this time of social distancing and quarantines, we imagine this would be a thrilling product that would allow so many families and friends to connect. Likewise, businesses could be used to further work on products or meetings. For now, it’s a work in progress and the photo-realistic image of users will take time but this is exciting nonetheless.

Source: VGC