Comic-Con 2021 Cancels In-Person Event

2020 was a real downer of a year. Thanks to the worldwide health pandemic outbreak, 2020 was a year full of cancellations, quarantines, and social distancing. Coronavirus is still very much a problematic issue throughout the world today despite having vaccinations available. While we’re enduring another year where mask-wearing and keeping away from others is still in full effect, it’s likely also a year we’ll see several conventions get canceled off as well. 

As mentioned, 2020 saw several events get canceled. Whatever industry or concert you had planned to attend, it was completely taken out and postponed for a future date. You might have hoped this year was going to be a big comeback for industry trade shows and expos, but that’s not happening. We’ve already seen E3 2021 get canceled for an in-person event which is not all that surprising. However, it looks like the big San Diego Comic-Con International show was also canceled for an in-person event.

Fortunately, online streaming events proved to be popular. Just because we couldn’t attend these events in person didn’t mean that the planned reveals and showcases just didn’t happen. We saw several events from companies get hosted online and that’s likely going to be the same for this year. However, for some trade shows, it would be interesting to see if these massive events are all that warranted for their big showcases this year.

Several companies that usually present their showcases in a media conference during E3 was handling their own separate online stream event this past year. As a result, it would be interesting to see if companies still flock to E3 and Comic Cons still attract different companies to present their various events on their streaming events that will be taking place of the actual in-person conventions that were planned.

Source: Gamerant