We Could See Dead Island 2 Launch On Current-Generation Platforms

Dead Island was a hit of an open-world zombie game when it was first released into the marketplace. Players took control of a protagonist stuck on an island during the zombie apocalypse and to get out of the area with hopes of finding safety back home, players are forced into doing a series of missions around the area. There was also a bit of influence with melee-style weapons so with all the popular online it wasn’t too surprising when there was an announcement of a sequel being brought out into the marketplace.

That sequel announcement happened back in 2014 and ever since then, the project was stuck in development hell. We’ve even seen this project get tossed around to different development studios with no signs of Dead Island 2 making any real progress. So far we’re still waiting on a new trailer to release or some kind of an announcement that helps give us a better understanding of just where this game project is on the outside of a past video game project build being leaked online. 

With that said, the studio that is in charge of the project right now is Dambuster Studios and it looks like they are hiring for another Senior Producer that can work on a game project of theirs which is an established AAA video game. Of course, the studio job posting doesn’t say just what this project title is, but the speculation is that this is the upcoming and long-awaited Dead Island 2 installment.

Still, without any official confirmation, we will simply have to wait and see if this is Dead Island 2 being developed and brought onto the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 platforms. With that said, it would make more sense that they would bring Dead Island 2 onto the latest generation of platforms at this point. 

Source: Gamerant