Subnautica: Below Zero Will Exit Early Access This May

Those of you who enjoy survival games probably have already dabbled into the Subnautica title. Within the game, players will find themselves in the 22nd century where they’ll take on the role of an astronaut that’s set to discover and colonize new planets. However, early in the game, our protagonist finds himself being the lone survivor of a crashed spaceship.

After the crash landing, our protagonist ends up being trapped on an aquatic planet filled with creatures, some of which will be hostile to the player, gamers are free to explore the world and progress through the narrative. Now to survive the journey players will need to collect a variety of resources to maintain nutrition, hydration, and of course, oxygen. There’s even a hardcore mode that will force players to gather resources and survive but without the ability to respawn after death.

While the first installment was a massive hit, there is another title in the series that has been available through early access. Subnautica: Below Zero acts very much like the first game. However, in this title, players will find that they will be in a new alien ocean world with freezing temperatures. Here you’ll have to encounter new creatures along with brand new biomes.

As mentioned, this game has been available through early access on Steam but now we’re finally going to see this game receive a full launch. Subnautica: Below Zero will launch outside of early access on May 14, 2021, for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch platforms. With that said, you can enjoy the first installment of Subnautica right now for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

Source: YouTube