Players Are Not Happy Over March 2021 Xbox Live Gold Games

For all three mainline console platforms, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo offer a premium subscription service that would offer consumers a few incentives to subscribe monthly or yearly. These services typically bring out the ability to enjoy multiplayer gaming but also a slew of unique deals and discounts on video game titles. To top things off, there are usually the select free video game titles that come out each month.

Players would be able to enjoy these games as long as they’d like. All that they would need to do is continue their subscription service in order to play the games. Each month a new collection of video game titles is added in but we don’t typically know what those games are until a week or so prior to their release. This is all a means to hype up the upcoming video game titles that are coming to the service. While you can’t please everyone with these subscription service free video game titles, it’s a bit rare to see more hate on the upcoming selection of video games than excitement. 

In fact, the upcoming selection of Xbox Live video game titles is pretty filled with disappointment from fans. The video games that are being featured include Warface: Breakout, Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse, Metal Slug 3, and Port Royale 3. It would seem that more players are upset that these games are rather dated than anything relatively new to keep interested through March of 2021. 

As a result, we’re seeing upset fans express their frustrations online and it could potentially lead to Microsoft making changes. Of course, we don’t know until March hits, but so far the games are here to stay. With that said, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass may be a better subscription service deal to tack on as it gives you a large catalog of video game titles along with all the first-party studio releases from Microsoft. 

Source: Comicbook