Sony Is Looking To Fix The PS5 Stock Shortages 

2020 was quite the downer of a year. Thanks to the coronavirus that caused a worldwide health pandemic outbreak, most of us had to scrap all the plans we had made and practice our social distancing. After enduring quarantines that kept us indoors, there were plenty of us starving for some kind of entertainment. Fortunately, certain companies had provided different means to enjoy the latest movies that bypassed theaters and went straight to streaming services. 

Fortunately, 2020 also saw the launch of new console platforms into the marketplace. Both Microsoft and Sony had previously planned to bring out their next-generation video game consoles into the marketplace this past year. With that said, neither company could really market the consoles as planned since live events were essentially all canceled. That still didn’t stop either Microsoft or Sony to bring the consoles out into the market.

While both console platforms were released into the marketplace, neither of the consoles could really stay in the market long enough before being sold out. We’ve seen resellers really thrive on these platforms as well with bots purchasing units as soon as they are in stock and then be flipped for a profit. Now during a new interview with PlayStation head, Jim Ryan, it looks like things may be changing soon for the stock shortages.

GQ recently had an interview with Jim Ryan in which the state of the PlayStation 5 stock shortage issue came up. According to Jim, the company is working to really increase the supply as each month passes since the Christmas season. Currently, the company is being relentless in order to increase production and there is a high hope to see the platform being readily available in the marketplace for those that wish to purchase the latest Sony console hardware.

Source: GQ