University Of Notre Dame Will Not Be Featured In Upcoming NCAA Football Video Game

When it comes to football video game titles and I’m referencing American Football, we’re mainly stuck with just Madden NFL. However, it wasn’t that long ago that we seen NCAA Football video game titles release into the marketplace. EA would deliver both franchises into the marketplace that allowed players to enjoy both professional sports teams along with teams based on the college level. While both franchises have proven to be big sellers, we haven’t seen NCAA Football make an appearance in several years. 

This was due to several lawsuits being piled up on EA over the fact that the athletes in the NCAA Football titles were not being compensated for their likeness and names in the title. As a result, EA scrapped the video game series after the launch of NCAA Football 14. However, it has since been unveiled that EA is bringing back college football video games into the marketplace with a minor change.

The change is the title as we’re going to see this series dubbed EA Sports College Football. From there We knew that EA was also looking to get licensing deals to include several colleges with their logos, uniforms, and traditions to be featured. Unfortunately, it looks like there is one big university that will not be featured in the video games when it launches into the marketplace. 

The University of Notre Dame will not allow their college to be featured on the video game for mainly the deal with rules still in place which doesn’t allow student-athletes to be compensated for their likenesses in the video game. That’s the first big college to announce that they are not being featured in the game at the current moment. This could eventually lead to other big universities following suit and now participate until the rules are changed up. Although it’s tough to see how EA will be able to account for as many students there are in each team and what kind of deal they could strike to allow these universities to participate.

Source: Comicbook