Starbreeze Studios Are Still Seeking A Publisher For Payday 3

When it comes to Starbreeze Studios, this company made headlines a few years ago but not in a positive manner. If you don’t recall, the company was a spotlight to how poorly the release of Overkill’s The Walking Dead ended up being. This video game was a commercial failure which saw not only the cancellation of the console platform ports but also the partnership deal get dropped by Skybound Entertainment. It wasn’t a pretty picture by any stretch of the imagination for the company but rather than folding, we saw Starbreeze Studios go into a restructuring phase.

While we haven’t seen a new video game release from the company since then, a recent investor financial report did clear the air a bit by confirming the company is in a better position today. In fact, this restructuring phase seems to be paying off well and they are still finding quite a bit of success from their previous video game release, Payday 2.

The Payday franchise is still finding quite a bit of enjoyment online with their development studio, Overkill Software still in the works of bringing out a third installment, Payday 3. For those of you who may not be familiar with this series, Payday is a cooperative FPS where players go through different heists and attempt to get away with the goods. Payday 3 would seemingly further enhance the gameplay a bit but we’re still waiting on more information to come out on that front.

During the financial report, Starbreeze Studios CEO Tobias Sjogren spoke about Payday 3 being a game as a service type of title. Currently, it would seem that Starbreeze Studios would be working to get the game a publisher to see the title launch into the marketplace. We’re not sure if there are any companies already in the running to help with the publishing side of things, but at the moment, Payday 3 doesn’t have a release date set anyways. With that said, you can still find new content being added into Payday 2.

Source: Starbreeze, Comicbook