Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Is Coming To Xbox Consoles

Fall Guys released back in August of 2020 and it blew up. This game was such a massive hit that fans can’t get enough of the over-the-top wacky gameplay. Likewise, because it was released as a PlayStation Plus free video game title, there was a massive audience enjoying the title right at launch. You’ve likely already played this game or at least witnessed it online. There are no escaping Fall Guys as it dominated social media, YouTube, and online streaming platforms such as Twitch. 

Luckily, the developers behind Fall Guys, Mediatonic, have been bringing updates to the title. This is being referred to as seasons where a new set of levels and costumes will be presented for players. There were even updates that add more content into the game levels themselves such as a massive swinging hammer randomly within the levels. It’s dubbed the Big Yeetus, and it will allow players to either risk getting hit to fling them further into the level, bypassing certain obstacle elements, or potentially kick them into oblivion, forcing the players to restart at a checkpoint area.

It was earlier this week that we got a Nintendo Direct which was the first in over a year. Due to the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, several of the plans and announcements for 2020 was pushed back. Now during this streaming event, Nintendo made a big reveal for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout as the game was set to launch on the Nintendo Switch platform. 

Fortunately, those on the Xbox line of consoles will also find that this game is coming to the platforms. Announced through the official Fall Guys Twitter account, we’ve learned that the battle royale title is also coming to the Xbox One along with the Xbox Series X/S platforms this summer. For those of you who would like a little more insight into the game then I would suggest checking out our Before You Buy episode coverage down below.

Source: Twitter