Physics-Based 3D Sword Dueling Game Hellish Quart Hits Early Access

We see a ton of fighting video game titles release into the marketplace and there’s usually a twist or something to make them standout. However, those that enjoy a good sword fighting game may find the list to be a bit more limited when it comes to modern-day games. Looking back to some games that have a focus around blades there are quite a few to pick from such as Mordhau, Soulcalibur, and Nidhogg are a few that comes to mind. 

Now we can add another title into the mix with Hellish Quart. This is a brand new game that just hit the Steam marketplace but as an early access title. The game is all about sword battling with players having access to different blades such as broadswords, rapiers, and sabers. From there, the battle is all about making precise attacks against your opponent. 

This means watching your opponent and preparing to successfully block an attack or swing the blade in a way that’s sure to sink into your opponent’s body. It’s all about physics and ensuring that each swing is realistic. Furthermore, you’ll find that Hellish Quart will take place during the 17th century Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth which will likely play a role in the single-player campaign.

Unfortunately, since this game is in early access, you’ll find that it’s rather limited right now. The game only offers local two-player fighting right now with the developers currently working on a single-player story mode for players to complete. So far there’s no word on just when this game will see a story mode, but there are plans to see Hellish Quart release out of early access within the next two years. For now, you can check out the trailer for Hellish Quart in the video embedded above. Meanwhile, those of you who would like some more sword fighting games can check out our list of the best sword-based video games right here.

Source: Steam