Final Fantasy VII Remake News Coming This Weekend

final fantasy

We might be getting new information on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake this weekend, by way of a concert. We don’t know what we’ll be hearing, but it could be anything from the announcement of a new port to details about the next chapter, currently still in development.

The teased information comes from Motomu Toriyama, the co-director of the Remake. Toriyama shared the message on the Square Enix Music Twitter account, and was translated by Aitai Kimochi.

There will be a Final Fantasy Orchestra World Tour concert in Japan this Saturday, and, according to Kimochi’s translation, Toriyama mentions that Square Enix will reveal some details about the game only at this concert.

Naturally, this has gotten fans speculating rampantly about what the new information could be. Given the Remake still hasn’t seen an official PS5 version, my money would be the news will be something along those lines. But given that the story is still not complete, what would probably please fans the most is a glimpse of Part 2.

As tantalizing as this is, we don’t yet know what we’ll be seeing. It could be a release date for the next episode, or it could be a piece of music we’ll hear in the next episode. We won’t know until after the conference. There’s a chance it could be the rumored PC release of Part 1, rather than news about the sequel.

But the FF7 Remake was one of the biggest hits of last year, and it ended on a cliffhanger, so it’s no surprise its fans want more. Square Enix has already implied that there might be more than just two parts to the remake, to give them more time to focus on details they couldn’t, even back in the original game.

Source: Aitai Kimochi/Twitter