Bloober Team Is Currently Just Focusing On The Medium For Xbox & PC Platforms

When it comes to horror video game titles, there are a few notable developers that stand out among the rest. Bloober Team is a good example of a studio that found its groove in psychological horror titles as we’ve seen quite a few games released from them in the past. These are the folks behind such games as Layers of Fear, Observer, Blair Witch, and their next upcoming title launch, The Medium. We are just days away from getting a chance to dive into this game, but as of right now it’s limited on what platforms you can play this game on.

Before the game’s announcement, it seemed that the developers had to sit on this title a bit until there was a console powerful enough to run the game. Of course, now we know that the game is slated to launch on January 28, 2021, for the Xbox Series X/S and the PC platform. It’s a game that has players stepping into the role of a medium named Marianne as she’s tasked with helping spirits trapped in the realm make peace before they can move on.

We’ve seen several trailers released for this game and it looks like a solid psychological horror game that includes puzzle-solving and narrative driving players to complete this campaign. Of course, some players who don’t have an Xbox Series X/S or a gaming PC might be interested in playing this game on the PlayStation 5 platform. Unfortunately, it’s something that Bloober Team is not entertaining at the moment. 

Recently, Bloober Team’s lead designer for The Medium, Wojciech Piejko spoke with VG24/7 in which the publication brought up the PlayStation 5. It was highlighted that Blair Witch first launched on the PC and Xbox One before it finally found its way on other platforms like the PlayStation 4. However, the developer stated that the team is only focused on getting The Medium out on the PC and Xbox Series X/S platforms for now. Being that this game was made to be used for next-generation hardware, it would seem likely that we’ll see The Medium hit the PlayStation 5 platform one of these days, but we’ll just have to wait and find out.

Source: VG24/7