Dragon Age 4 Set To Take Place In Tevinter

BioWare is a massive video game development studio that’s known for delivering some pretty incredible RPG titles into the market. Over the years they have brought out a popular high fantasy RPG series known as Dragon Age, a title that we’ve been waiting to dive into the next installment of for a good little while now. However, details of what to expect in this next thrilling chapter have been scarce.

While we’ve been waiting for more confirmations to come out regarding Dragon Age 4 along with some new trailers or details regarding its release date, it looks like one confirmation managed to get put out into the public already. In a new book that details the history of BioWare, it included a passage regarding Dragon Age 4. The note included the fact that Dragon Age 4 will be set in Tevinter, which is what most speculated already.

So far there have been no details to further expand on the location players will be embarking on this next installment to the Dragon Age series. As for the book this passage was found, you can purchase BioWare: Stories and Secrets From 25 Years of Game Development today. This novel is filled with pages detailing the history of BioWare which includes photos, stories, and interviews with developers both past and present. Some information of which has yet to be made public until now.

As for when you can get your hands on Dragon Age 4, it looks like we have a slight wait ahead of us. It was during last year’s investor call from EA that stated we don’t expect to see Dragon Age 4 launch anytime before April 2022. We should start seeing more marketing materials to hype up the game and expand on what the premise will be about sooner rather than later. For now, you can check out the latest trailer for this upcoming installment which was featured during The Game Awards 2020.

Source: Eurogamer