Leak Files Indicate What’s Coming To Red Dead Online

When it comes to Rockstar Games they are known for two big IPs right now. They have delivered Grand Theft Auto V which broke records when it comes to the fastest earning media product to reach $1 billion which took Rockstar Games only three days to do. Likewise, their latest release was Red Dead Redemption 2, a critically acclaimed title that had not only a compelling storyline but showcased some truly incredible visuals for last-generation platforms. 

With that said, both games are still thriving today, and it’s largely due to the online multiplayer component that Rockstar Games added to both titles. We have Grand Theft Auto Online along with Red Dead Online. Both games bring players into an online lobby where you can compete in different game modes or simply explore the open-world together. However, when it comes to comparing each title’s online component, it’s clear that Rockstar Games favors Grand Theft Auto Online.

Fans have been seeing more updates that bring new content such as storylines and items when it comes to Grand Theft Auto Online. Meanwhile, fans of Red Dead Online are waiting for new content to their title which a new set of leaked files found within the game may have suggested just what Rockstar Games has planned. From the files found, it looks like items are ranging from different money bags to new boats. 

These items have fans suggesting that we are going to see heists that involve bank robberies added into Red Dead Online. Meanwhile, others suggest this content was always within the game files which were content simply cut out from the game when Rockstar Games was first developing Red Dead Redemption 2. Whatever the case ends up being, fans who want to dive into Red Dead Online are hoping that more content is brought into the game sooner rather than later.

Source: Comicbook