Hitman 3 Arriving On Nintendo Switch This Month

Set to be the conclusion to the Hitman trilogy is Hitman 3. Players are once again stepping back into the role of Agent 47 where you’re still after a nefarious group. This is still very much a stealth game where Agent 47 will need to adapt to the scenery to keep attention at bay. If you played the Hitman games before then you know a large part of the gameplay is plotting out a strategy that keeps you away from the public eye and not drawing attention to yourself. This could even result in swapping outfits to get clearance into a restricted area. 

From what we know Hitman 3’s level designs are going to feature quite a big playground for players to plot their assassinations. We already know that there are several countries you’ll be traveling to so the level details should be pretty varied. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Hitman 3 is going to have the multiplayer game modes included like its predecessor, Hitman 2.

While we knew this game was coming out on January 20, 2021, for PC and cross-generation platforms, we didn’t know when we could expect this game for the Nintendo Switch platform. It’s set to be a game that requires online gameplay to stream the gameplay similar to certain other titles that are just a bit too powerful for the console to run. 

Now thanks to an official tweet from the development studio, IO Interactive, it looks like we can expect Hitman 3 to launch on January 20, 2021, alongside the other platforms receiving the upcoming installment. This might be a relief to those that were wanting to enjoy this game on the Nintendo console hybrid at launch or relatively close to when other platforms were receiving the game. 

Source: Twitter, Gamespot