PlatinumGames Might Have Bayonetta 3 Updates This Year

The Bayonetta franchise has been around for over a decade at this point. After its initial launch in 2009, fans have been eager to see more of this hack and slash video game series. We only have two mainline installments available for the IP but we know that a third installment is in the works. The problem is that the development team is keeping things very hush right now so it’s put fans into limbo of what we can expect with the game.

Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about Bayonetta 3. Outside of its teaser which only revealed the logo for Bayonetta 3, there’s no premise or details that the development studio has stated in the past to dissect. It’s a game that’s currently in development and it’s been in development for several years now. After all, the title was unveiled in 2017 so that’s a pretty long waiting period to hear at least a shred of news about the game outside of the studio confirming it’s still being developed.

While 2020 was a rotten year thanks to this worldwide health pandemic outbreak that is the coronavirus, 2021 is hopefully a brighter overall experience. It’s a year that should be filled with video game releases as well since so many titles got pushed out of their intended launch window of 2020. However, it’s a year that we should hear more things from PlatinumGames as well. The studio behind Bayonetta has a few projects in the works according to Bayonetta creator who referred to the IP during an Arcade Archives stream.

Hideki Kamiya spoke about the Bayonetta 3 installment only briefly but fans should hopefully hear some kind of an update on the project this year. Not only are we likely getting some kind of notable update on Bayonetta 3 but there are also a few unannounced projects being developed as well which we might get some details on during 2021. For now, we’re at least hoping something more substantial is unveiled than that the development team is still in progress with the game. 

Source: Nintendo Life