A New Mysterious Closed Beta Multiplayer Resident Evil Game Announced

Capcom has several big-name IPs in their control but most would be familiar with Resident Evil. The video game franchise has been going on for over two decades and we’re getting ready for the next major installment release, Resident Evil Village. We don’t know a whole lot about the game and in fact, we should get more questions answered during an online showcase stream event set for later this month. However, it looks like there may be another big name Resident Evil game in the works if it’s not connected to Resident Evil Village.

The Resident Evil IP is nearing its 25th anniversary so we’re bound to have some exciting news and reveals this year. Likewise, this IP is usually a bit accessible prior to launch with Capcom offering various betas to those that are signed up with the Ambassador program. This program is essentially a means to connect some of the more die-hard Resident Evil fans with the latest news and potential beta invitations for the franchise. Now it looks like there is a new beta in the works for fans to potentially get a chance in playing later this month.

This announcement comes from the Resident Evil website which alerts fans that between January 28, 2021, to January 30, 2021, select players will get a chance to try some kind of a closed beta for the game franchise. We don’t know anything about it other than players will need to have access to a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One platform. Likewise, according to the beta details, this is some kind of a multiplayer game that requires four to six players. 

Chances could be slim for newcomers that want to enjoy the game. It looks like those that have a Silver rank or higher that are also attached to the Resident Evil Ambassador’s program will have the greatest chance at playing this beta. Hopefully, we’ll get some news on what this game beta is attached to such as Resident Evil Village or a standalone title connected to a specific past Resident Evil series.

Source: Resident Evil, Gamerant