Stormind Games Hires Notable Industry Devs For Next Project

If you’re not familiar with the name, Stormind Games is the development team that brought out the Remothered video games. The latest being Remothered: Broken Porcelain where players take the role of a young girl who gets kicked out of a boarding school and is forced into working as a maid at Ashmann Inn.

It doesn’t take our protagonist very long to discover that there are some dark secrets within the Inn and it’s up to you to uncover what’s going on. However, the more you dig the dangerous the place becomes. As mentioned, while the gameplay is similar to the first installment where there is plenty of exploration and the focus of fleeing from enemies, players will also get the chance to attack if they carefully sneak behind the enemy. 

The video game series had a following but it looks like the studio behind these titles is upgrading their studio up with some veterans of the video game industry. According to a press release that was sent out, Stormind Games brought in three notable additions into their studio who have worked on something you all are probably familiar with.

According to the press release, Stormind Games brought in Anne Toole who helped write out Horizon Zero DawnThe Witcher, and Days Gone. In the composer department, we have Ron Fish who worked on the Batman Arkham series and God of War. Likewise, we have a concept artist, Borislav Mitkov who formerly worked on the Assassin’s Creed franchise. These additions will help Stormid Games develop their next video game release 

Source: GamerantGamespress