Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Is Epic Games Store Next Free Video Game


Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Celebration Edition is now available for free. Players can claim a copy which will sync with EA Origin today.

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Stars Wars Battlefront 2 released as a third-person shooter set in the Star Wars universe where players would take the side of the Empire or Resistance fighting in a variety of different maps. Likewise, the game also features battles and locations that were featured in the original, prequel along with the latest sequel Star Wars movies, otherwise known as the Skywalker Saga

While the game may be best known for the multiplayer action, there was a single-player campaign that players could enjoy and it takes place across several years from the Skywalker Saga. We won’t go into great detail about the narrative, but you play the role of Iden Versio who is a commander of the Special Forces commando unit known as Inferno Squad. First taking place during the Return of the Jedi period, players are tasked with once and for all demolishing the Rebel Alliance in a plan that involves using the Death Star II. However, as you likely know from the film franchise, things don’t go according to plan, and it’s left Iden questioning motives, her choices, and what’s best for everyone. 

The reason we’re bringing up this game once again after its release in 2017 is the fact that players will be able to redeem a free copy of the game from Epic Games Store. EGS is a digital storefront that you should all have available on your computers. While at first Epic Games received a ton of backlash for making deals with developers and publishers to secure exclusive timed releases for upcoming video games, the company managed to turn things around as they delivered free weekly video game titles.

We’ve seen several games release under EGS as players simply needed to claim the title under their free account. From there, players can keep the game forever, but you’ll have to claim the game within a week otherwise Epic Games Store will move on to their next free title. We know that starting next week on January 14, 2021, we’ll be able to claim a free copy of Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

Source: EGS