Microsoft Sends Off Questionnaire Regarding DualSense Style Features 

Microsoft and Sony both managed to get their latest console platforms into the market before 2021 hit which is quite the feat. With the year we had to endure, 2020 was filled with downer moments. Because of the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, it wasn’t much of a year for big releases. Due to new restrictions and quarantines, getting the console out on time was manageable for both companies, but neither could really flood the market with units as it’s been problematic finding a unit available to purchase.

Regardless, both companies had to really work on marketing angles for their new console platforms. Because the world was essentially on lockdown, there wasn’t the ability to really bring the console platforms out into the public. Instead, the showcases were done online with various streams or exclusive previews to high profile individuals. With Microsoft, their push was to bring out a console that was able to deliver the most power possible into the market in terms of a console video game platform.

Meanwhile, Sony opted to bring out a console that offered a new means of immersion. With the DualSense controller, players were able to dive into games with new haptic feedback vibrations along with resistance triggers. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to translate for players without actually trying the controller out which was quite the setback for Sony during marketing. Fortunately, it looks like there’s plenty of interest in the DualSense controller, especially from the folks over at Microsoft.

It looks like Xbox Series X/S owners are getting a questionnaire from Microsoft in which they are asking about interest in the DualSense features. From what it looks like, Microsoft may be interested in bringing some of these features out to their own controller or games in the future. That means the new immersive style of gaming innovation may appear for the Xbox line of console platforms but along with the PC platform through the use of Xbox Game Pass or developers that add these features to the game in general. For now, only time will tell if these features will make some kind of an appearance from Microsoft.

Source: TechRadar