Epic Game Store Continues Offering Free Weekly Titles

For years Valve owned the PC market when it came to digital storefronts. Everyone who played PC games had Steam installed on their PC and frequent the storefront for new titles, deals, to even free-to-play games. However, a real competitor stepped in not long ago. Epic Games Store had the means to provide an alternative to Valve’s Steam digital marketplace. 

Epic Games Store offers a few means to get titles on their storefront and customers. For instance, they offered a better revenue cut so developers along with publishers would receive more money with each purchase. Likewise, Epic would attempt to get exclusive rights through various deals which resulted in quite the backlash. Fans were not thrilled about having to wait even longer to get access to certain video games on the Epic Games Store marketplace which lacked some of the features that Valve has established on their Steam launcher. 

However, one popular means that got PC players downloading the Epic Games Store client and making accounts was the fact that Epic was offering free video game titles on a weekly basis. It was video games that would drop every week and they would range from small indie hits to big AAA releases. As a result, players could really flesh out their catalog of video games they could play on the PC platform and it wouldn’t cost them a penny. 

As we hit 2021, it wasn’t certain if Epic Games Store would continue offering weekly free titles but we can see now that the next free title coming out from Epic Games Store is Crying Suns, a title that normally would run players $14.99 through Steam. This could be an indicator that we’ll continue seeing free video game titles being offered through Epic Games Store on a weekly basis throughout the year.

Source: Epic Games Store