Batman Arkham Knight Release Date Possibly Delayed

We have a new rumor regarding Batman: Arkham Knight that we feel you will not want to hear. Of course you’re going to read it anyway.

The news comes to use straight from WonderCon, after the DC All Access Panel showed the trailer for the game. They revealed to the audience that the game has now been pushed to a 2015 release date.

Now, some fans were quick to dismiss this as a rumor, considering the official site has not yet been updated, but let’s not allow fandom to get ahead of ourselves. These are employees of a comic book company talking to their core fanbase in one of the biggest conventions in the year. Why would they lie about this?

Let’s take a look at the panelists. These were all DC editors, namely, Mike Cotton, Shelly Bond (in charge of Vertigo) and Jim Chadwick (in charge of digital). They may or may not have been directly involved in the production of the game. Either way, they could have been given instructions from above to make this announcement at the event, so it does not even matter.

Now, the fact that the release date remains unchanged in Rocksteady’s official site could mean one of two things. Either the game needs more time for development and polish, or, DC is delaying the game release for reasons other than its development status. Perhaps DC has too many projects under its belt? Or they’re picking a better date to optimize sales?

We will wait for official confirmation from Rocksteady, or Warner again before we verify it as 100 % rumor or not, but let us not kid ourselves. The game was just announced delayed, and not by anonymous leakers on a message board or a supposed insider. The game’s owners said it, in a major event. It is probably delayed.