Rumor: Resident Evil 7 To Be Revealed This E3

Word on the street is that Capcom is slated to reveal Resident Evil 7 this E3.

The source is Japanese daily Sankei Shimbun, and Sankei also drops a Playstation mention along with it, although it does not seem that the game will be an exclusive. They also presumably hope for the game to sell over 5.6 million copies, much like Resident Evil 6.

We heard word of RE7 as early as the tail end of Resident Evil Revelations’ multiplatform release, when the former 3DS exclusive made it to PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U, raising sales of that title to over 1 million units across those platforms. Back then, Capcom promised that the next installment would be a return to form for the series, with all the familiar survival horror tropes.

A few months after that, a job listing came up on LinkedIn, unwittingly leaking that the game is already in the works. So, really, it is no surprise that a Resident Evil 7 is in development; evidence has been mounting on this for some time now, some of it directly from Capcom.

An E3 reveal is news, however, since that listing did not give any indication on how far development was for the game then, or how far gone it is now. For the challenged Japanese developer, a big showing this year could do wonders for their profile. We want to believe this is real, but we will just have to wait it out to find out.