Epic Games Store Free Video Game Deals Leaked

We’re in the holiday season and while most of us are looking to pick up gifts for our loved ones, others are offering some gifts of their own for you to partake in. Usually, there are several sales and discounts offered during these various seasons and while that’s no different for this year, you can find yourself picking up quite a few free video game titles throughout the week. All you need to do is be a PC gamer and claim them as they release into the public. 

Epic Games Store is one of the few credible digital storefronts for purchasing PC games. It received some flack when it first kicked off in hopes to compete against the Valve Steam digital storefront behemoth, but things have settled down. Now every PC gamer I know has free accounts through the Epic Games Store and even if they don’t purchase a game through the digital storefront, they are using the digital client to claim the free weekly video game title giveaways. 

This is one of the methods Epic Games used to compete against Valve to sway new consumers towards their digital storefront. Each week, Epic Games Store offers players free video game titles or two. All players need to do is make a free account on the Epic Games Store digital storefront and from there claim the titles as they are released for free. 

Recently, Epic Games Store has been giving away a free video game title every day leading up to Christmas. It’s just another means to celebrate the holiday season and while each game is a mystery until the day of their release, a new leak has proven to be credible so far. The list has been circulating online which you can view within the tweet embedded above.

While there has been a series of rumored leaked lists surfacing online, this one has so far been accurate which could mean that these are the games you’ll get for the remainder of the week. What game are you most excited about so far?

Source: Twitter