Overwatch 2 Details Are Coming In 2021

Overwatch was a massive FPS when it first launched into the marketplace in 2015. The video game is still doing just as well today and while 2020 has been a bit of a downer year overall, there was still plenty of excitement to be had with this incredible FPS. It’s been a minute and not much has been brought up, but we did get a slight nod of the upcoming Overwatch sequel from the Blizzard developer, Jeff Kaplan.

Recently Blizzard released a developer update video for Overwatch which featured Jeff Kaplan. In the video, we got a bit more insight on the Kanezaka map and lore which is great for those that are excited about the map, but there was also a mention of the Overwatch sequel. We may not get the game in 2021, but we can expect some more updates on the title. During the YouTube video, Jeff Kaplan made note that it has been a good while since we heard the news about Overwatch 2 and that they have been quiet on that front.

However, the developers are still working incredibly hard to bring out not only a great live game experience but a sequel as well. More details will likely come during the upcoming BlizzCon Online event which takes place in February of next year, 2021. That’s where we’ll likely get more information not only about Overwatch 2 but more insight as to what the folks over at Blizzard have been up to. 

As mentioned, we may not get Overwatch 2 in 2021, but we’re bound to receive some useful information from what we can expect. You can check out the latest Overwatch developer update below along with the teaser trailer for Overwatch 2 above. Likewise, you can enjoy Overwatch right now for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch platforms. 

Source: YouTube