Actor Vin Diesel Reportedly Executive Producer Of Ark 2


It looks like after the news started to spread around about Ark 2 and the fact that Vin Diesel is not only starring in this game but also taking an executive producer role, there has been a new development. Fans who are eager to dive into this new video game title will find that Ark 2 is actually slated to be an Xbox exclusive.

This news came from Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg who took to Twitter to clarify that the upcoming installment to the Ark franchise will be exclusive to Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S consoles. With that said it does look like players can expect it on PC as well. I’m uncertain if this is a timed exclusive deal at the moment, but it does look like this game will not only be available first for the Xbox platforms when it comes to consoles but likely also on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

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Ark: Survival Evolved has proven to be a popular video game. Since its release in 2017, fans have been going through this open-world game as they tame and fight off dinosaurs, survive natural hazards, and rival players. While the game has been around since Early Access began in 2014, this title has continued to thrive with new releases and ports. However, it was during The Game Awards 2020 that we got a big reveal for this franchise.

Ark 2 was officially unveiled during The Game Awards 2020 in a CGI trailer. What may have caught players by surprise is that one of the main characters featured in the storyline was Vin Diesel. In the trailer, it looks like Vin Diesel’s character, Santiago, is a leader of a group when some hostile creatures emerge and attempt to slaughter the group. It’s here that a fight goes on before another interruption happens in the form of t-rex. 

This is the first big trailer reveal for Ark 2 so it may be a bit before we know the finer details of what to expect with this game. Likewise, we’re not even sure when the game will be launching into the marketplace or if it will have a similar Early Access treatment. Regardless, what we do know is that Vin Diesel is not only playing a character for this video game but also stepping into an executive producer role.

Announced through PC Gamer, it looks like Studio Wildcard had hired Vin, an avid player of the original Ark video game, to step in and offer some insight on how the sequel should go. Only time will tell if this game pops off as intended by the development studio. However, it’s not the only Ark related content to get excited for. We also know that an animated Ark series is in the works, but again, we’re still waiting for more information to come out on that spin-off series.

Source: PC Gamer 

Source Update: Twitter