Metal Gear Solid 5’s Trailer Brilliantly Remade in Grand Theft Auto 5

Japanese YouTuber EV niconico has recreated Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes' ten minute trailer in Grand Theft Auto 5 and the result is pretty amazing. 

While the video's creator tried hard to make Ground Zeroes somewhat less epic than the trailer revealed by Hideo Kojima during the Xbox E3 media briefing last year, the near perfect result achieves the opposite effect despite the more comical elements. 

As you'll see in the video, motorbikes have replaced horses and many of the characters (particularly Quiet) are quite a bit different. Here's the trailer: 

And a side-by-side comparison:

Everything from the torture scene to the franchise's famous stealth action sequences have been remade and it's all surprisingly well done. The video also takes the captions running through the trailer and adapts them, "GTA goes open world," we're told at one point. 

It'd certainly be interesting to see Kojima make a Grand Theft Auto game and for the Housers to tackle Metal Gear Solid and these trailers are probably the closest we'll ever get to either of those things happening. Kojima has previously said that GTA5 made him "depressed" because of what Rockstar had achieved which he commented would raise the possibilities of gaming. 

If nothing else, the trailers shows us just how impressive the Fox Engine is although GTA5 stacks up pretty well for a last-gen title. 

It's well worth checking out the video and hopefully we can also look forward to a version of The Phantom Pain