The Wolf Among Us 2 Rumored For The Game Awards

The Game Awards is happening in just a couple of days and we’re seeing a ton of rumors going out online. This year has been a downer with the worldwide health pandemic outbreak. Several events were canceled, we seen tons of games get delayed, and likely quite a few announcements that were planned this year was pushed back. Of course, with so many game events canceled, there are likely quite a few announcements that could take place during The Game Awards.

We’ve heard rumors of Microsoft having a big announcement to BioWare confirming that Dragon Age 4 will be showcased at the event. What we’re seeing now is a new rumor suggesting that Telltale Games is making an appearance. Some of you might recall Telltale Games as they brought out quite a few story-based adventure games over the years. Likewise, you might remember this studio closed down midway into the development of the final season for The Walking Dead video game series. 

While the game would continue on with another developer, it wasn’t long after that Telltale Games was bought and brought back from the dead. In fact, we know that the studio is bringing out a second season for The Wolf Among Us. What we don’t know is just when the game will see a release or if we’ll also find some of the cast members return.

The latest rumor suggests that we’ll see The Wolf Among Us 2 during The Game Awards, but again, we’re uncertain just if this will be the case or not as Telltale Games has yet to make any confirmation of this IP being showcased. With that said, the company did bring some of the past Telltale Games out from the archives and onto the digital storefronts recently.

Source: Bloody Disgusting