Dev Finally Reveals Uncharted Easter Egg No One Discovered In The Last of Us

It’s not uncommon for developers to throw in Easter Eggs for players to uncover in a video game. Sometimes it’s simple nods to other franchises to more wacky over-the-top reveals. However, Naughty Dog has been known for adding some nods to their own video game IPs in their projects. With their games so immersive and detailed, you can easily spot some iconic Easter Eggs. Meanwhile, some can be so hidden that it took years of waiting for one developer hoping someone would uncover an Easter Egg of his own in The Last of Us.

The Last of Us launched back in 2013 and for years, developer Rodney Reece was waiting for someone to unveil his Easter Egg online. After so long of waiting, the developer opted to go ahead and showcase it online. Apparently, you can spot Sully’s plane from Uncharted in The Last of Us. Of course, it’s a very specific area in which you can actually view the plane.

This Easter Egg is only found in the Beach map from The Last of Us Factions mode. From there, you can see some of the plane on the beach which appears as wreckage. It’s pretty surprising to see that no one had put the pieces together and shared their findings online. However, it goes without saying but this Easter Egg is not canon.

Rodney Reece took to Twitter not only to unveil the Easter Egg but to give some backstory. Apparently, he decided to take the plane from the first Uncharted and toss some remnants on the beach. This was his own doing and we’re uncertain just if this means that everything to be uncovered has been completed for the game so far in The Last Of Us. If this is the case, we’re wondering what other Easter Eggs are still waiting to be uncovered in the past Naughty Dog titles or even if there are some Easter Eggs still scattered about in The Last of Us Part 2.

Source: Twitter