Mortal Kombat Movie Reboot Will Hit Streaming Service At Launch

2020 looked to be quite promising for several industries. For the video game industry, we had several video game titles that fans were anticipating along with the promise of the next-generation video game console platforms. Of course, what we didn’t plan for is an entire worldwide health pandemic outbreak. It’s proven to be quite troublesome and while we’ll likely have to endure this virus and its problematic issues into 2021, some industries are trying to adjust.

For the video game industry, we saw several games get delayed into 2021 after having several employees transition into working remotely. Meanwhile, we’ve seen several films get delayed from production or hold off being released into the public with theaters being closed down. We’re all trying to pull through this 2020 year and the virus pandemic, but it looks like you can count on some entertainment to help you escape this harsh reality. 

Video games projects that were delayed out of 2020 will likely see a release in 2021 along with films. In fact, Warner Bros has unveiled that they have a new one-year plan that will roll out throughout 2021. This plan will see their films release in both theaters along with HBO Max. It’s purely a means to help keep theaters from crumbling down meanwhile with most theaters likely running at limited capacity, those that can’t visit a theater can enjoy the film at the comfort of their homes.

Included in the mix of films from Warner Bros this coming year, we can plan for Mortal Kombat the reboot to get featured as well. While this is starting out for only 2021, I am wondering just what this would mean for the film industry if this method proves to be popular with consumers.

Source: Variety