PlayStation Now Now Features Horizon Zero Dawn 

There has been a big push for streaming and offering subscription services for video games. It’s become a big medium to enjoy content on various platforms. While Microsoft is not pulling the trigger fully on streaming video games, they have brought out the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. It’s a means to allow all first-party Microsoft games along with a slew of third-party titles through a monthly fee. This subscription service is also looking to be a great deal after Microsoft purchased ZeniMax Media that comes with quite a development studio under Microsoft’s umbrella.

While Sony doesn’t have an answer quite yet for the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, they do still feature the PlayStation Now subscription service. This is a different subscription service compared to the PlayStation Plus service. With PlayStation Now, players can stream a plethora of games that were at first only available through the PlayStation 3. It’s since evolved a bit with more PlayStation 4 video game titles being included in the mix.

Sony wasn’t adding new exclusives onto the service at launch, which is something that Microsoft offers with their Xbox Game Pass subscription service. However, it does look like there will be some more current games being added to the service. Today we’re finding out that Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition, Stranded Deep, Broforce, Darksider 3, along with The Surge 2 has been added to PlayStation Now permanently. 

It looks like there may be a bigger push to get PlayStation Now a more viable option for players that want to enjoy some of the more current video game releases. Still, it may be a bit off compared to the service that Microsoft is pushing with current first-party exclusives being featured on the Xbox Game Pass right at launch. 

Source: VGC