Red Dead Online Will Soon Be Available As A Standalone Game

Red Dead Redemption 2 was a huge hit as fans were clearly eager to dive back into the old western setting that Rockstar Games delivered in the 2010 release of Red Dead Redemption. We wouldn’t get the sequel until 2018 and fans were quick to recommend the title around for its gorgeous visuals and compelling narrative.

While fans didn’t get a sequel to follow up after the events of Red Dead Redemption, they did get a prequel. Players were able to dive back into the world of Red Dead Redemption with the old Dutch Van Der Linde gang while stepping into the boots of Arthur Morgan. If you played Grand Theft Auto V, you knew that there was an online component that gave players more missions and an open world for players to embark on their own journey. 

That’s exactly what Rockstar Games offered with Red Dead Redemption 2. Players were able to dive back into the game in 2019 with Red Dead Online, the online counterpart which took players into their own customized character. From there, you had a slew of missions to complete with friends or other players online. Likewise, there are other means to venture out into the wild. You could quickly find a way to make money or become a criminal outlaw in search of fortune. 

While we are waiting to see just where Red Dead Redemption goes next, there is another release coming out for those who didn’t purchase Red Dead Redemption 2. It looks like Rockstar Games will launch Red Dead Online for just $4.99. You won’t get the narrative campaign, but you will be able to gain access to the online component and its line of missions. 

This release is slated to launch on December 1, 2020, which is just a few days away. However, if you haven’t already purchased Red Dead Redemption 2 by now, you can get a good deal. That way you’ll not only have access to the online component but the compelling narrative adventure from the single-player campaign.

Source: Rockstar Games